Heimlich (2012) by Jying Tan at OH! Tiong Bahru

I came to make the acquaintance, and then friend, of Jying Tan by being classmates, completing our final year of coursework together at our alma mater, LASALLE. She has since then paved quite a name for herself, continuing with the development of thesis which involves the medium of ‘scotch tape’. Her craft is distinctive, and identifiable immediately.

Jying was invited to OH! 2012 as one of the artists to set up her work in a selected Tiong Bahru home and she decided to have it ‘properly documented’… and that’s where I jump in!

It was definitely a new experience photographing a bunch of large and small objects with luminous quality!

I was pretty intrigued by the use of the two light sources in this installation, and thought that it (the use of lighting) should definitely be explored in the next stage development. Jying didn’t agree to this however, as she is hoping to work on something entirely different from what she has done in the past 3 years. I’m excited all the same – can’t wait to see what will come out of her current study in the Masters program!


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